Jane Hart takes you on a journey through the Seven Steps, her system for dealing with life changes. This CD explores the depth and necessity of each of the seven steps as we move through life’s transformations. This is a flexible and adaptable process, whether it relates to a friend, family member, business colleague, or even an aspect of you. The relationship can be undergoing any sort of transition, be it by death, disagreement or geographic distance. This formula has stood the test of time and is useful in dealing with any challenge or change in life. This CD concludes with a twenty minute guided Seven Step meditation. (9 audio tracks)

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Track 1: Introduction

Track 2: Step One: Thank You God

Track 3: Step Two: Good Times

Track 4: Step Three: Hopes and Dreams

Track 5: Step Four: Disappointments and Difficulties

Track 6: Step Five: Forgiveness

Track 7: Step Six: Release

Track 8: Step Seven: Completion

Track 9: Seven Step Meditation