Your Desire for Infinite Intelligence

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How did you like thinking of your soul as having ingredients? You are indeed filled with ingredients from many lifetimes that support your spiritual understanding today! In this week’s video, I am describing a bigger picture of evolution, finite to Infinite consciousness. Why are you here? Why have we all been […]

Soul Evolutionist – Karmic Illusions

Beloved Soul in Evolution, We continue our discussion on illusions this week, and I am breaking down the karmic process for you. It is important to understand the karmic process as part of your evolutionary process. You are on a karmic wheel that moves you through lifetime after lifetime, providing opportunities to fulfill desires and […]

Desires — Part 2

Beloved Soul in Evolution, I hope you were able to examine your desires this week, and how they drive you. This week, I am on fire for you to desire your God Self enough to take responsibility for awakening to it. I can give you information, inspire you, encourage you, but I cannot take your […]

Desires — Part 1

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How has your life lead you to where you are now on your spiritual journey? I bet you had early experiences that reinforced your desire to awaken. In this week’s video, I share with you a part of my early journey and how it jump-started my heart’s desire to awaken, and […]