Be Your Own Best Friend Every Day!

Your daily spiritual practice is a powerful support to you, on effortless days as well as when difficulties arise.  Being loyal to those supportive actions is how you become your own best friend, being “prayed up” to handle whatever comes your way.   Here are a few things to include in your daily spiritual practice: […]

What Is Your Soul Trying to Teach You Today?

What is your soul trying to teach you today? Every day holds opportunities to learn about yourself and uncover new, spiritual understanding. Watch for those magnified instances in thought or situations that seem to stay on your mind–they are trying to show you what to discover or to release within you! Action to take: Ask […]

Learn about Yourself through Others

Every person you meet, every situation you find yourself in, is an opportunity to learn something about yourself.  Is a difficult person here to teach you patience?  Forgiveness? Love?  Are you in a challenging situation to strengthen a quality that you need in order to stretch your soul’s expression?  Action to take: Each day, ask […]

Join Me as the Easter Energy Moves Humanity to a New Vibration

Jesus began His great spiritual ministry at the end of His 40 days in meditation and silence. This is our time, as spiritually evolved “Souls” to  begin our transformation into our higher consciousness.  I invite you to join me the next 40 days in preparation for the Easter energy that is coming in to move […]