Going Deeper – Walking the Karmic Tightrope

Beloved Soul in Evolution, We are continuing to uncover the “mystery” of karma–which is really not a mystery, but a logical and fair movement of energy, intricately designed for your soul’s evolution, and involution. Every person has their own unique karmic tightrope to walk. As you learn to unravel your karma, you become more aware […]

Your Present Moment Connection ~ A Meditation to Support Your Soul

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As we continue towards Easter, I am sharing this week’s video meditation to support your commitment to yourself, to your Easter awakening. Everything you need is in the present moment. Meditation helps you connect to the Infinite Presence that loves you, guides you, supports you, IS the very essence of you. […]

New Year, New Energy

This is the time of the year to embrace the new vortex of energy and vibration that is coming in to support the evolution of your Soul. Action to take: It is of major importance that you plan a time to meditate, go into the Silence and be in the NOW moment. Featured Video: Meditation […]