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You found the Center because you are a spiritual seeker, ready to know more about your whole Self. The guidance and tools you need are here to support your journey up the mountain to your Higher Self!

Let us introduce you to the Center for Enlightenment, founded in 2000, and its founder, Jane Elizabeth Hart:


With the arrival of the new millennium, more people are seeking to deepen their relationship with God. Jane Elizabeth’s vision is to help people to cooperate with their soul’s evolution through spiritual education, spiritual counseling, and practical tools.

Mission Statement:

The Center for Enlightenment assists humanity in realizing that

the soul’s purpose is to awaken and live up to its highest potential.

The Center provides greater understanding of spiritual concepts

and teaches practical steps to aid in the soul’s evolution.


  • One Life (God) pervades all forms of life
  • God expresses as the energy, vibration and life of every soul.
  • It is the responsibility of the spiritual seeker to allow more of God to express as love, wisdom, and joy.
  • God unfolds in each state of consciousness to the extent that the personality allows God (Spirit) to express.
  • The study of reincarnation enables the soul to understand its whole Slef.
  • One must move from personality awareness to soul awareness.
  • All soul issues have to do with past life experiences, desires, and unforgiveness. Learning to work with the Law of Karma (cause and effect) allows healing to take place at the soul level.
  • As the personality masters the ego, the soul can align itself with God. Through love and forgiveness, the soul is purified and can consciously express God.
  • When functioning at its fullest potential, the soul clearly and consciously manifests the life, vibration, and energy of God.

Jane Elizabeth Hart, Founder and Spiritual Leader

Jane Elizabeth Hart

Jane Elizabeth is the Founder and Spiritual Leader of the Center for Enlightenment. Jane Elizabeth helps souls get in touch with their divine purpose and open up new possibilities for soul evolution. She has taught many classes on reincarnation, evolution of the soul, and meditation; and has counselled thousands of students on personal and spiritual development for over 50 years.

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