Practicing detachment and observation will help us to identify old patterns and erase them from our consciousness.

Action to take:

Mediate each morning and picture the day filled with joy and happiness. By doing this we are creating a thought form. The mind is the main creative factor and the utilizer of energies. By taking this action we are in essence bringing forth greater harmony in our lives.

                                                   ~ Jane Elizabeth

After being unemployed for over 6 months, I recently got a great job.  In the few months preceding, through journaling, meditation, and working with Jane Elizabeth Hart and a group of like minded souls, I was able to see the thoughtform which I had constructed over many lifetimes that was the root cause of the fear and unbelief that I could ever get such a great job.

We all have thoughtforms, both positive and negative, that we have formed over the many, many lifetimes we have lived and these thoughtforms are always acting on our minds, causing us to see things in a certain way.  Using the tools found in Jane Elizabeth’s Spiritual Power Tools helped me with this great accomplishment of clearing old beliefs.  In addition, I found that taking myself up the Seven Steps helped immensely in letting go of the limited me that had so many fears and unbelief.   It is an ongoing journey that is well worth taking!

Much love and light to you, wherever your journey is taking you~

Elizabeth Cleeland
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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