Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Now that you have committed to your soul’s evolution, and doing whatever it takes to awaken to the God within you, we can take the next steps up that glorious mountain of soul evolution.

It is my joy and passion to provide support for you as it was given to me when I first began my own journey up the mountain. In this week’s video, I talk about several foundation pieces needed on this journey.

As weeks go on, I will be referring to my book Spiritual Power Tools: Support for Your Soul. These “Spiritual Power Tools” were forged from the fire of my passion to be free from my lower self. I designed and created them from my desperation to succeed. Now I am able to share them with you, and I will be detailing them in these Soul Evolutionist videos this year.

Enjoy this week’s information and vibration as it supports you throughout the week. Please email me anytime with your questions and experiences. I love hearing from you.

With infinite love,

Jane Elizabeth