Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Happy Thanksgiving week!

I hope you are working with that Spiritual Thermometer that I have been talking with you for the last couple of weeks. Continue to use it as a tool for your Observer Self!

In this week’s video, I revisit and expand upon soul involution, that process of going within after many lifetimes of evolving your soul, and unwinding the karma of lifetimes while also learning about who you are as a God Being.

That inward journey has many steps to it, and it takes time. The wonderful thing is that we are wired for spiritual awakening! Your desire to know the Truth fuels this process, and your commitment and effort moves you forward. Once you make that commitment to know the Truth about you, your life changes to support you reach your goal in the best way possible.

Watch this video and learn more about this next step in conscious soul involution. Recommit yourself to your spiritual journey. Meditate every day. Support yourself. If you need help, email me. My life is set up to support all of humanity taking this next awakening step. You are not alone, even when you think you are!

Next week, we will begin the Seven Steps for releasing 2013 and moving into 2014 free and clear for new opportunities. We are going to support ourselves in being on top of that huge change that each new year brings!

May you and your loved ones be blessed as you gather together for your Thanksgiving meal this week.

With all of my Love,

Jane Elizabeth