Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Have you enjoyed our discussion about the subconscious mind the past couple of weeks?

You have probably learned that when insights come to the surface from your subconscious, emotions arise with them.

In this week’s video, I am going over the Spiritual Thermometer–a great tool for watching the automatic cycles of emotion and opposites that you get into as third dimensional beings.

On my spiritual journey, as I got stuck in my own automatic thinking patterns, I realized I needed a measuring stick to tell me where my thinking was at any given time. I created the Spiritual Thermometer (page 44 of Spiritual Power Tools) to help me get out of my lower self and move into my Higher Self. I am passing this wonderful tool on to you!

It’s so easy to flip down into the lower self. That is not the place where you want to be making your decisions! You want to stand in the now moment, without past false beliefs and resentments, and without future worries. The now moment is where you have your clarity, where you will find your solutions. This is how you will support yourself to move into your next phase of being.

Watch this video and email me ways you find yourself using the Spiritual Thermometer. Be sure to put it into practice this week, because next week I will continue this discussion and move you further into this spiritual discipline.

It is my joy to hear from you, and support you in your spiritual growth. Comment on the video at YouTube. Share with other Soul Evolutionists from around the world who are walking this journey with you!

With all my Love,

Jane Elizabeth