Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Now that you have looked at your life plan, you see how people and situations in your life have been there to teach you about something, be it love, forgiveness, overcoming, or the many other opportunities to grow that this third dimension offers us.

This week we are looking at the opposites in our life and how they affect us all day long. They dominate our thinking, putting us on one side of an issue, then on the other side, and not ever giving us the truth of who we are.

In this video, I talk about the purpose of the opposites in soul evolution, and how to begin working our way through and beyond them. Here is a hint: It’s all about love! But there is a new way to look at love—love in the opposites, versus that greater love beyond the opposites. I explain this in greater detail in this week’s lesson.

Enjoy this video as the information and vibration supports you this week. Please share it with your friends and family whom you feel might benefit from it. Let’s spread the inspiration!

Feel free to send me your comments and questions. I love hearing from you, and having the opportunity to support you more directly.

With loving support for your soul’s awakening,

Jane Elizabeth