Beloved Soul in Evolution,

How was your week practicing stilling your mind? I am sure you found it difficult at times, since it is, indeed, a very difficult task!

This week I am continuing to encourage you to still that busy mind! It is worth the effort you are putting into it. The ego works very hard to keep you busy in your mind. It is worried about being abandoned, so of course it is going to fight for its little self! The ego can make you feel like it is you who will be abandoned, when really it is only that limited ego that is being abandoned–and must be!

Let this video support you in pushing harder than the ego is trying to push against your soul’s development. You can take charge of that limited ego, and this is a necessary and important part of your soul evolution. You will be more in tune with your soul as you conquer that inner chatter. More divine ideas will be accessible to you, because you will be able to hear them when that ego is quiet!

You have my support in this overcoming. Email me when you need extra support. I know how difficult this can feel, and I am here for you.

With all my love and support,

Jane Elizabeth