Beloved Soul in Evolution,

God has a plan for your life, and you have access to that divine realization–and if you are reading this, you are thirsty for spiritual knowledge!

This week, I am sharing with you two more videos from my time in Chicago. One is from the early service at Unity Northwest; the other is from the workshop I lead with Unity minister and Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher, Greg Barrette. We shared about how the Spiritual Power Tools have worked in our lives, and how they can be used to support the evolution of any soul that puts them into action!

In these talks, I share my story of soul evolution, from desire to realization. One thing I realized is that I had to meditate and turn off my mind. You know how much I talk about that with you! There is so much you can understand about yourself, your life plan, and Universal Mind when you even try to be still. You will have access to Universal Knowledge, Wisdom and Love. What can help you awaken more than that?

Another realization is the importance–the necessity–of developing my Observer Self. The Observer Self helps us stay out of the drama of daily life and learn what we need to in order to move forward. You will be able to understand things that I can’t teach you because they must be experienced within yourself.

The center for enlightenment is in YOU–you find your center within. Enjoy these videos from my experience at Unity Northwest, as I shared with soul evolutionists like you.

With my infinite love,

Jane Elizabeth

First, the 9:00 a.m. service at Unity Northwest:

And the workshop: