Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Did you have a lot to think about this week, with your new understanding about what happens after you die?

This week, I continue with this line of thought, and share with you about what happens after you review your life—creating a new life plan. Using a made-up example, I walk you through the creation of a hypothetical life plan based on karma, connection to other souls, talents and abilities, and everything else that you take with you from your subconscious from one life to the next.

As I have said before, the Observer Self is an important tool to support you in cooperating with your life plan once you are in body. The more you want to grow spiritually, to cooperate with your soul’s evolution, the more you need to pay attention to that Observer Self. The Observer Self helps you through the transition from soul evolution to soul involution—a new concept for you that I explain in this week’s video.

If you have any questions that come up while you watch this video, email them to me and I will answer them for you—and maybe even address them in another video.

With my complete love,

Jane Elizabeth