Beloved Soul in Evolution,

To begin this new year, I am reviewing certain aspects of the spiritual journey with you. The new energy that came in for 2014 is moving humanity forward, and it is supporting you in moving forward, too.

The evolutionary journey requires you to observe yourself, and understand old patterns and release them, peeling away the layers of your subconscious. The whole process of evolution is about finding out who you really are, which means first removing the veils of misperception. This is your responsibility, to do this consciously, willingly, courageously.

As you peel away one layer of false beliefs, you also awaken to higher vibration of your God Awareness, which in turn gives you access to new information and a greater ability to process information. Step by step, you become more consciously aware of your True Self and how God Energy operates in the universe.

As you watch this week’s video and incorporate these teachings in your daily practices, remember these especially:

– Work on your meditation, to connect with the vibration of this new energy, even if your mind chatters.

– Be in your Observer Self. It is your best friend and will help free you from your false beliefs and awaken to a higher vibration within you.

I look forward to this new year with you, supporting you in awakening to more of who you are in your heart of hearts. Please keep your questions and emails coming. I appreciate knowing how I can best support you.

My love is with you always,

Jane Elizabeth