Happy New Year, Beloved Soul in Evolution!

Do you want to dissolve your emotional pain this year?

When you are working on your soul’s evolution, there are a lot of pent-up emotions that come up to be resolved. You live in the opposites within the third dimension, so an emotional situation that is positive one moment can be negative in the next. This is what you deal with every day.

One of the most important lessons as you move from the thrid to forth dimension, is to live in the opposites without being affected by the opposites–living in the world without getting lost in it. This is very hard to do, but your work to be the Active Observer.

Emotional pain is an energy. When it comes up for you, how do you get out of it? Remember that you live in the opposites. From the space of your Observer Self, identify your emotions. Learn what is triggering you. When you know your triggers, you can move out of the pain and make different choices for your life.

Let this week’s video instruct you further about how to dissolve emotional pain. Practice with these principles this week, and email me when you have questions or need support. I know this is a major task, and I am glad to be of support to you.

Dissolve the emotional pain and use that energy for positive expression in your life.

With my Infinite Love for you,

Jane Elizabeth