Beloved Soul in Evolution,

At some point on this spiritual journey, you become tired of the goings-on of the third dimensional, human existence. There is more to the living, loving energy of Divine Intelligence than every day, ho-hum life.

In this week’s video, I share with you a step that was mine to take to let go of my personality self. I had a great desire and talent for designing clothing. But, I also had a strong desire to know myself in what I thought God was. My step–and this doesn’t mean everyone has to do this–was to let go of my sewing completely, and all of me that identified with being a designer.

Why did I have to do that? Because it was a third dimensional expression that owned me. It owned me, rather than me owning my soul–or whatever I was, which I didn’t even know at the time! Letting go of this human expression of my creativity opened me up to using my creativity spiritually, to first support my own soul to awaken to Infinite Consciousness, and now to help others to do the same.

Is there something in your life that owns you? Is there something that you are attached to that keeps you from opening wide to your Divine Self?

Watch this week’s video and think about these questions. Journal the insights that come up about this. Letting go of your old idea of yourself will make room for your spiritual understanding.

You have my love and support as you take this week to explore this concept! Self-knowledge is the ongoing key to realizing your whole Divine Self!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth