Beloved Soul in Evolution,

April continues our celebration of the ten year anniversary of Spiritual Power Tools! I hope you have been keeping up with this series on this powerful little book. I’ve been sharing with you deeper meanings within these chapters. This book is my life and is filled with God Essence.

In this week’s video, I am talking about the differences between living in the human, third dimension and the spiritual, fourth dimension. And there are huge differences!

The human mind is quite a merry-go-round, spinning you around and around and around! It keeps you busy in that mind, questioning, doubting, deciding, then doubting again! In order to move into the higher dimension of yourself–the fourth dimension–you have to learn to turn off the mind. It has to be corralled. A hard thing to do, but everyone has to master the mind eventually.

As you control your mind, tapping into the higher vibration, your vibration changes and you get clearer about your limited self and can move more freely into the UNlimited part of yourself. This is no quick-fix. It takes perseverance in this process of understanding your whole self–starting with your own human mind!

Once you are able to master your mind, then you will be able to tap into the fourth dimension and learn about the higher understandings and possibilities that are available to you. You will be so glad you got out of the human mind’s constant thinking that gets nowhere!

Spend a couple of days observing your mind, how it constantly pulls you around in nothingness! Watch how your mind won’t give you any peace. It is constantly keeping you busy (doing nothing!) so you aren’t taking action in support of what your soul really wants you to be doing!

After a couple days of observing your thoughts, work to stop the thoughts mid-stream. See yourself pushing the “STOP” button on the thought so it doesn’t finish itself. You will have to do this constantly

Stopping the intellect will help your intuition take you over. It will help you be absorbed in the Infinite! This is a must. Watch this video for more information on that.

I look forward to hearing from you, your questions and experiences. Share them here, or email me. I am here for you!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth