Beloved Soul in Evolution,

As we continue celebrating the Spiritual Power Tools’ tenth anniversary this month, I am focusing on these tools to support you on your journey.

After talking about the subconscious in last week’s video, I thought this week it would be good to explore how to untangle the issues within that 90 percent subconscious mind.

In this week’s video, I expand on Spiritual Power Tool #2: Journaling, and how important this is in untangling your subconscious and dismantling your ego. This is how you uncover your whole self, to find your Self in God.

We’ve collected karma in our subconscious for many lifetimes. It takes being willing to look at the information now, and surrendering to the process that your God Self has ready for you that will teach and awaken you.

An important part of learning about the subconscious is keeping a journal. When you get answers to your spiritual questions, you want to keep track of both those questions as well as the answers.

Journaling also helps you discover the ways of that little ego that disrupts the flow of your growing awareness. It doesn’t want you to grow! It will keep you trapped.

Enjoy this video and practice with your own journaling time. You won’t be sorry you made this effort! Share with me your thoughts and any questions you might have. I am supporting you!

Also, favorite or bookmark this week’s video, and when you get discouraged on your spiritual journey, watch it and let this vibration that I’m on give you the energy to push you forward!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth