Beloved Soul in Evolution,

I am moving forward with that part of Spiritual Power Tools that deals with intuition! Get out your book and turn to page seven, Chapter Two.

In this week’s video, I take you deeper in understanding your intuition and how it works.

When you access your intuition, you are piercing the Abstract Mind of your Higher Self. Meditation helps you do this, as well as being your Observer Self–staying above your human thoughts and reactions. The only way to access the information on the higher planes–the Abstract Mind–is through your intuition.

You are in the human dimension of your evolution, and have brought with you many lifetimes’ worth of your inner sense from the perspective of the limited self. Now you are moving into the next dimension of yourself, becoming more of your Higher Self than your human self.

The real Truth of you comes in through your intuition, and you can always take your intuition to deeper levels of understanding and ability than where it is right now. Use it as often as you can. Ask every day for divine guidance, in every situation. Practice!

Without intuition, you cannot move in consciousness.

Your intuition is the only equipment that can access your next step in consciousness. The intuitive part of you has to be honed. Without it, you cannot master your human self and move into higher dimensions to master those as well. There are many, many “upgrades” of intuition, so keep on pushing your intuition beyond where it is right now.

I am here to help you to learn how to access your intuition and move into the next phase of your beingness. I can’t do the work for you, but I can give you the information and vibration to do what is yours to do. It is hard work, but it is worth more than anything else you could spend your time doing!

Watch this video and use some of these ideas to push your intuition beyond where it is now. When you have done that, come back to this video, and push it again! And then again!

Share with me any questions you have or support you need. I am here to help you!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth