Beloved Soul in Evolution,

I am so happy to share with you this week’s video, reminding you of the importance of turning off your mind. While I am taking time off from creating new videos, I am still here supporting you on your spiritual awakening.

You are on an incredible journey, climbing the mountain of your spiritual awakening! There are so many aspects to this journey of mastering your personality self and becoming your spiritual self.

One aspect of great importance on this journey is mastering the mind. The human, intellectual mind cannot comprehend the next dimension of being. It cannot understand how God, Infinite Intelligence, operates. It is too limited. It has to defer completely to your intuitive mind.

When you still your mind, you connect to the higher energy of your God Self. This energy slowly, bit by bit, teaches you about that next dimension, reveals new realities to you. But you must practice, practice, practice turning off your mind. Eventually you will master this completely, so start practicing today!

May this video support you this week, reminding you to observer your mind throughout the day, turning off the never-ending thinking. Even if you saw this before, re-watch it, because it has many good reminders for you. If this isn’t the video you need right now, I have a whole YouTube channel filled with videos on many aspects of the spiritual journey. You will find the one you need.

I always love hearing from you, so please keep your emails coming!

All my love,

Jane Elizabeth