How are you doing stilling your mind?

Since we have been revisiting this topic, I am sharing this week’s video about the Spiritual Thermometer. As you observe your thinking, you can see that your thoughts are happy one minute, unhappy the next, neutral the next, and so forth. The Spiritual Thermometer helps you detach from your thinking and up-and-down emotions, which helps you stay on top of them–to be the master of them!

How do you use the Spiritual Thermometer? You can read about it in detail in your Spiritual Power Tools book. When you are below a “5” on the Thermometer, DO NOT make decisions, take action, or react to others or a situation. Below a “5”, you are not thinking from your Higher Self, you are in the lesser consciousness from your subconscious, past life perspective. You want to be way above a “5” in order to make decisions that will change your life and consciousness.

A while back, I created t-shirts with the Spiritual Thermometer on the front, and “I’m a 10, how about you?” printed on the back. Where do you want to be on the Spiritual Thermometer? Be a 10–and beyond–with me!

Add the Spiritual Thermometer to your work with quieting your mind this week. Take in this video and let me know how it is going for you. I am here to support your journey! I am busy working on new ways to support you; but in the meanwhile, I am sending you love and light for your spiritual awakening.

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth