Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Now that you have been working on watching your thinking and stilling those thoughts, I want to revisit the subconscious, karma and the Spiritual Power Tool of journaling in this week’s video.

The subconscious is the storehouse of soul issues that you are learning to be conscious of, and free yourself from them. Where to begin untangling these issues?

First, give your karma to God. This is your commitment to God to be a conscious participate on your soul’s evolution, your commitment to be aware of your actions and reactions.

Second, begin your journaling process. Or, maybe you already have, so continue with it. In today’s video, I share with you my process, frustration, and persistence in my own journaling process. Journal your feelings, your frustrations, triggers, and so forth. In this video and in your Spiritual Power Tools book, I share a list of questions to help you learn about yourself.

Learn about yourself! That is what journaling helps you do, and that is a very important part of becoming aware of your WHOLE self! You begin seeing your own patterns, which enables you to change those patterns. You also began to learn how to hear your intuition and what it is trying to show you–and that means everything on the spiritual journey!

Third, get over your own ego resistance and any problem you have about how “boring” journaling is. The ego doesn’t want to surrender, so it will work hard to tell you all the other things you need to do besides your spiritual work. This is a very important statement to be aware of.

Enjoy the tools in this week’s video, and may it inspire your journaling practice and Observer Self this week!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth