Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Here we are again, addressing the subconscious mind! A task as big as exploring, understanding, and dissolving the subconscious mind deserves our time, energy, effort, and discussion–over and over again!

In this week’s video on the subconscious mind (part two of last week’s video), I demonstrate using my karmic ball how an issue comes up from your subconscious and gets your attention. When you are paying attention to these clues, you can explore the surfacing piece and uncover information about yourself, about the role of a person in your life, and what you can do about it now.

1. Recognize the information.

2. Journal about the issue.

3. When in doubt of what to do, forgive–yourself or others.

4. Remember that more information will come to you.

Every situation in your life is here to help you uncover part of this subconscious mind. There is no getting around this process–everyone must do it. No matter what spiritual work you have done to reach this point, until you have revealed all that needs to be revealed from the subconscious, you will continue to uncover these pieces.

Get out your Spiritual Power Tools book to help you move out of your subconscious. That inner exploration is where your answers will be found. Your soul is trying to set itself free from the burdens of the subconscious–free to be your God Self!

You have my support as you look at the deeper issues rising up from your subconsious. I continue to work on new projects for you, and I hold you in my heart all the while. Feel that love and support as you watch this week’s video and hear something new that will support you on your journey.

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth