Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Have you ever wondered what it means to evolve beyond humanhood?

In this week’s video, I begin expanding on this process.

Moving into the fourth dimension is likened to moving to a new country, where you don’t know the language, the attire, the social norms, the culture. It takes time to adjust, time to learn the language, time to experience and understand the culture.

Learning about the fourth dimension is a long and arduous process. You are moving from your human self into your fully spiritual self. That is as much of a stretch for you as it would be for your pet to become a human! It’s a big jump, and you have to do the work, willingly and persistently, embracing it as your life.

There are many skills you have to learn and practice, such as stilling your mind. This is a brand new skill for you, since there is no lifetime you have had in which you practiced that at the level you are prepared to do now.

Sometimes it feels scary to learn new skills, to move into a higher understanding of Self. There is a “something more”, and you receive much support for the work you do–but you have to do the work!

Watch this week’s video and journal your responses to the questions below. Allow yourself to go deep as you listen within for new understandings to come forth.

1. How does moving into the fourth dimension affect you? Your life?

2. How will moving into the fourth dimension change your beingness?

3. What have you struggled with as you have addressed this concept of moving into the fourth dimension?

4. What part of the spiritual journey have you been surprised to learn that you have to do for yourself? How did you make that shift to embrace the responsibility?

5. How do you pull yourself out of feeling discouraged?

6. Where could you be supporting your spiritual work better?

List and practice one of the items on your list this week.

Enjoy your exploration of this journey into the next dimension of yourself! Let me know what questions you have, and how your effort to awaken is progressing for you. You are in my heart always!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth