Beloved Soul in Evolution,

I am excited to share this week’s video with you about the Spiritual Thermometer because it was one of my most valuable supports early on in my journey. It is still a valuable tool that I use when working with others.

The Spiritual Thermometer is a tool to help identify emotional states of being. You can use it to identify when you are in an egoic, past life consciousness (below a 5), or when you are in tune with your intuition (above a 5). Your emotions and feelings are a very important part of being a human being–driven by the opposites of cause and effect–which form patterns that need to be uncovered and dissolved.

When you notice that you are below a 5 on the Spiritual Thermometer, do not take action. Any action from the emotional state of being simply reinforces that consciousness, instead of observing it, understanding it, and waiting to be guided to act or not to act on behalf of dissolving the emotional pattern.

The importance of being aware of your emotional pain cannot be understated. If you are not aware that you are in emotional pain, you may unconsciously act in a way that reinforces that emotional pain and creates an outcome that you don’t want. Karma and emotions are interconnected, especially when dealing with others. Looking at your emotional pain leads to uncovering emotional patterns, which then helps you to untangle your karma.

Watch this week’s video, then journal your responses to the questions below:

1. What emotional patterns do you find yourself repeating?

2. How do you support yourself when you are below a 5 on the Spiritual Thermometer?

3. Write about a time when you discovered an emotional pattern. What was the emotional cause? Was there an emotional effect, or did you catch it before you acted on it?

4. How can the Spiritual Thermometer help you see yourself more clearly? How has this worked for you?

5. How do the opposites pull a third dimensional person back and forth? Write about an example of that in your own life.

6. How might you support someone else whom you notice being below a 5, in their emotions?

Practice using the Spiritual Thermometer this week. How in charge of yourself do you feel after several days of using it? You may see how empowered you feel as you take charge of yourself.

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth