Beloved Soul in Evolution,

I’m so happy to share with you this week’s video on Lent!

It may be strange to think about Lent as a Soul Evolutionist. You might think, “I’m not into that anymore”, or maybe you never were. Maybe you think, “I’m a Soul Evoutionist. I don’t have to think about those old traditions!”

But here is an opportunity to connect with the thoughtform of Jesus’ life. Lent is the time that represents Jesus’ preparation for his important mission. During this time, he moved into his fourth dimensional beingness–beyond humanhood into full awareness of the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe. The energy from his spiritual accomplishments continues to bless humanity today.

Every year, you can tap into the higher consciousness that Jesus released through his work. It is a vibration that prepares you for the strong Easter energy that comes to support your awakening. You can spend these 40 days focusing more on connecting to your higher Self. The energy is here to support your extra effort this time of year.

Instead of giving something up that may or may not matter in the long run, choose something that you can do in support of your awakening. Maybe you will commit to journaling every day, whether you want to or not! Or, commit to spending some extra time for meditation.

Whatever you choose to do for your soul evolution, write it down and check in with yourself every day for the next 39 days. Watch as your commitment progresses you. Use this week’s video to support you, and share with me your experience of this time of Lent for the Soul Evolutionist. I support you in your awakening.

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth