Beloved Soul in Evolution,

How are you managing yourself and all that is being brought to your attention by the Easter Energy that came in a week and a half ago? It’s here to move you, and moving you means bringing unresolved emotion to the surface for you to resolve within yourself!

In this week’s video, I am sharing with you support for dealing with the emotions that come up when you embrace the energy that is here to help you heal yourself at depth.

You may find yourself upset with something you have never been upset about before. You may feel love for something you have never loved before–since human love is an emotion that is part of the opposites of the third dimension. Love is considered a positive emotion, but it often brings its opposite experience of hate or jealousy or fear.

Emotions cause us to feel highs, then lows, then other highs, then more lows. And so it goes. What I want to talk to you about this week is to learn how to dissolve emotional pain quickly, so you can move through the disappointing opposites–and learn to not be attached to the “positive” opposites.

Your Observer Self is so important to help you from getting lost in one opposite or the other. It will help you stay poised in the moment of the opposite, so you can maintain your ability to think clearly and make right decisions for yourself.

Here are just a few of the other important steps (Spiritual Power Tool #6 in your Spiritual Power Tools book):

1. Identify the emotion you are feeling, and take responsibility for it.

2. Forgive, forgive, forgive, forgive. The Seven Steps can help you with this.

3. Use your Blue Sword energy! (Watch the video to find out more on this!)

Watch this week’s video for more, and work with some of these tools I talk about. Email me any questions that might arise for you, and any comments you’d like to share. I love hearing from you!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth