Beloved Soul in Evolution,

How did you enjoy working with last week’s “going deeper” questions? Did you take time to ponder them? To write your thoughts?

As you put energy into your deepening understanding, your desire to know more about Infinite Consciousness within yourself, more and more revelations (spiritual insights) will come to you.

In this week’s video and questions to ponder, I talk about the most important thing to have as a Soul Evolutionist on this journey: Desire to know more.

I wanted to know God and I would go to any lengths to know God. That was the desire of my heart. I realize now that after thirty years, looking back to the beginning of my journey, that great desire–the desire to know God, that great desire I had in my heart, that desire to become one with God and connect with God–was the essence of my soul in this lifetime.

By opening your heart and weeding out all desires except for the one and only true desire–which is desiring and longing for union with the Ultimate Reality–you become one with Infinite Intelligence. The spiritual journey does not consist of gaining material goods, but of uncovering the Truth of your Being. Since the Universe fulfills all desires, and the greatest desire you can have is to know yourself in that Infinite Consciousness, then you can be certain that one true desire will be fulfilled.

Watch this week’s video, then write your thoughts on the following questions:

1. You’ve heard it said that “God has a plan for your life” but what does that really mean for you?

2. What is your most sincere heart’s desire?

3. How has your life lead you to where you are now, spiritually? What things have happened along the way that have led to your soul’s decision to make spiritual growth a priority?

4. Do you see any places in your life when “invisible hands” have seemed to guide you along this journey?

5. What does it mean to you “to will the will of God”?

6. What is your “God Self”? How can you begin to awaken to it?

Remember, you can share your thoughts with me or use these questions for your own inner reflection–or both! I support you in going deeper into your inner gold mine!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth