Beloved Soul in Evolution,

In the past few weeks, you have looked more deeply at your spiritual desire and commitment. This week’s video and journaling questions supports you in reinforcing your Observer Self.

Being the Observer Self is one of the most powerful ways to change your patterns of thinking, thus changing your consciousness and amplifying the light that you are able to shine forth.

What does it mean to be the Observer Self?

Sometimes it means watching your reactions arise in the mind, and letting them pass through your mind without engaging them.

Sometimes it means watching your reactions and making different choices than what those reactions are pushing you to make.

Sometimes it means sensing the reaction stirring and stopping it before it goes any further in your consciousness.

Practice observing your thoughts and feelings throughout the day. Use an outer cue to remind you to be present with your thoughts: Perhaps setting a timer to go off every hour, or every time the phone rings, or at each red light while you are driving.

Watch this week’s video, then journal your responses to the questions below. Feel free to share you insights with me, or with a spiritual friend on the path with you. Remember that your most important connection is the one within you.

1) How might becoming the active observer of your emotional states help you stay out of the drama of life? What kinds of emotions and situations could this help you with?

2) What kinds of old beliefs and emotional patterns have you needed to release? How did you discover them?

3) When have you had your world “tip over”, as Jane Elizabeth called it? In what ways did this make you stronger, wiser, and more resilient, capable or determined?

4) What old ideas about God do you need to release? How can this help you?

5) What is a “comfort zone”? Why is it important to let it go? What might you gain from doing so? Identify some of yours.

6) In what ways do you see yourself needlessly defending yourself or making yourself right?

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth