Beloved Soul in Evolution,

As you know so well, meditation is an important part in the evolution of your soul. Now that you have examined your desire for spiritual awakening, made an inner commitment to back up that desire, and engaged your active observer of self, it is time to delve deeply into the one practice that will surpass all others on your spiritual journey: Meditation. This practice is the best way to connect with your Infinite Self.

Meditation will help you to discover all of the treasures that lie within you. If you will take some time each day to become quiet, still your mind and go within, this will eventually lead you into a deep and powerful connection with your soul, your true inner self. Your soul is that eternal part of yourself that knows the truth of you. It has traveled along with you through time and space over the course of many lifetimes.

Meditation is an exciting adventure that will open many doors into a new dimension of being. From this point on, the inner connection of meditation will support you and your growth like no other practice.

Watch this week’s video, then journal your responses to the questions below:

1) Why is meditation so important? What can meditation do for you?

2) What has been your experience of meditation? When did you first hear about it? When did you first practice it? Trace your relationship with it over the course of your lifetime.

3) How often, how long, when, where and how do you meditate currently?

4) What do you do when you have unwanted thoughts during meditation? What has that been like for you?

5) What is your greatest difficulty with mediation and how have you handled it?

6) How do you think you should change or expand your practice of meditation?

The more you understand yourself and the process for consciously supporting your soul’s evolution, the more strides you will take in consciousness, and the more support you will receive on the journey.

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth