Beloved Soul in Evolution,

How is your exploration in meditation going? Have the questions you’ve been working with supported a deepening in your meditation practice?

In this week’s video, I am sharing more about the importance of meditation on the spiritual journey.

When you connect with your higher self, you are connecting with all the answers of the universe. Revelations and specific answers on your soul’s journey are available to you when you meditate. You are a multi-dimensional being. Meditation connects you with those higher dimensions of self. Connect with that part of you that is questing!

You will be surprised what will happen when you meditate on a daily basis. Make sure that you place a pencil and paper or recording device nearby you as you do this work, because you will receive specific guidance. Write down your question, go into meditation and watch the answers come! Take some time today to “Google” through the tool of your intuition, and tap into the universal storehouse of knowledge. You will never be bored or directionless as you discover new ways of discovering who you are along this journey of a lifetime!

Watch this week’s video, then journal your responses to the following questions:

1) Where is your favorite place to sit for meditation?

2) When have you received an idea or revelation for solving your problems during meditation? When have you asked a question during meditation and the answer didn’t come right then, but later on?

3) How does meditation work to link up your stand-alone computer of self to the “Universal Computer”? When have you experienced that happening?

4) What methods have you used to open yourself up for that answer-gathering process during meditation? Visualizations, questions, affirmations, journaling?

5) How do you see meditation aiding you in moving from a personality-focused ego to a fully-aware soul?

6) Have you noticed your personality self taking a back seat to your soul as the result of meditation and spiritual growth? How specifically has that shown up for you?

You will always be grateful for the time you spend in meditation. It will support you in ways you are just beginning to understand! And, you have my love and support always.

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth