Beloved Soul in Evolution,

In this week’s video and journaling questions, I want to share with you more about the importance of the Observer Self in dissolving emotional patterns and making important changes in your soul’s expression.

The Observer Self is a piece of equipment that belongs to you and watches over you. It helps you to understand who you are, to evaluate what you are doing and how you behave. It contains many, many possibilities of use that will help you to better understand yourself and your behavior. By using it, you will be able to master your emotions.

When you always just automatically act without knowing what you are doing or why you are doing it, it’s as if you are a squirrel that is running around in your cage, without thought. What then happens is that you unconsciously insert all kinds of negative causes into your life. Separate your point of view from the personality/ego by moving into your higher self and becoming the active observer of that lower self.

Begin by giving a name to that lower self that the higher self of you is observing. By moving your point of view from the unconscious self into the higher self in you, you rob your lower self of its power to harm you. You unmask yourself to reveal your true self.

Watch this week’s video, then respond to the following questions:

1) Right now, what relationships or situations appear to trigger your lower self? For instance, are you the “scared little girl” with your boss at work, and then the “demanding tyrant” at home with your spouse or children? Where do each of these show up?

2) What label can you use to identify who in you is reacting to different circumstances and relationships? For example, “The scared little girl/boy”? “Little Brian/Jennifer”? “Miss Jane”? “The angry adolescent?” “My not okay self”?

3) Imagine that you are able to climb a ladder and look down into your emotional body. What traits and characteristics can you see there?

4) How has each lower emotional state caused you trouble in the past? Write down and journal a free-flowing exploration of each one. See where this takes you.

5) How can you better deal with these situations in the future? Journaling? Taking them up the Seven Steps? Make a commitment to meet these situations from a new vantage point–that of the Active Observer.

6) How can meditation help you to detach and separate from the “sticky-gluey” nature of these lower false selves?

Feel free to share your insights by replying to this email. Hearing from you helps me know how to support you better each week.

All my love to you,

Jane Elizabeth