Beloved Soul in Evolution,

In this week’s video, you have the opportunmity to continue focusing on meditation, and specifically, quieting your mind–an important practice not only during your meditation time, but throughout the day.

When I began meditating, my first realization was that I had to learn to control my mind. I had to consciously put my foot down–over and over again!–and stop all the noise that was going on in my head. This was worth my while, because eventually, my mind got quieter and quieter. It felt eerie at first, but I began to experience something that was increasingly strange and beautiful.

Once you master meditation and become quiet enough to listen to the still, small voice inside of you, a whole new world opens up for you. You are no longer limited by your small mindset, but you have the knowledge of the entire universe pouring in and through you. You can then tap into the whole database of the cosmos! One God-experience will change your consciousness at depth, and everyone in your life will be affected by your new consciousness.

Watch this week’s video, then journal your responses to the questions below:

1) Why bother meditating? What good is it for you to try to do something that is so difficult–stilling your inquisitive mind?

2) What do you hear when you listen during meditation? How curious are you about this? What do you think happens as you practice meditation?

3) What is keeping you from doing what you have to do in order to tap the inner resources of your being, and what are you going to do change that? How can you generate a greater desire?

4) What methods, tools, and techniques do you use to control your mind? What hasn’t worked so well for you?

5) Have you ever felt strange when things got quieter in your mind? Describe what that was like and what happened next.

6) How does meditation open up your intuition? When have you experienced this?

Quieting the mind is part of your daily practice on this journey. Be patient; but more importantly, be persistent.

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth