Beloved Soul in Evolution,

As you continue meditating and quieting your mind, slowly but surely over time, you will notice that things surface to be addressed. This process is addressed in this week’s video.

Pieces of your subconscious “iceberg” are coming to the surface of your conscious mind to be understood, healed and released. It’s now time for you to understand more of this process. This breaking up and dissolving pieces of subconscious material comes from deep within your soul to wake you up. It is very important work, and you need to be strong and determined to see each piece through to its healing end.

What can get very interesting is when two “icebergs” collide, disguised as relationships. These may be at work, in romance, with family, friendships and so forth. The hidden subconscious issues that come to the surface serve to support you in becoming more God-conscious. Embrace these challenging relationships! They are your best allies on this journey. You will be supported by Master Teachers when you go through this, and you will be prepared. It takes dedication. Of course, meditation is always the key to moving in consciousness.

Watch this week’s video, then write your responses to the following questions:

  1. Describe how you see the collision of two iceberg analogy that Jane Elizabeth mentioned. How do you understand this?2. When have you had a collision of your own personal iceberg with someone else’s? How did you handle that? Where is that happening right now?

    3. Have you ever taken an unsupportable, irrational dislike to another person, or had them do that to you? What happened?

    4. How willing are you to do the inner work necessary to see this through to its healing end? What is your level of commitment to doing your soul work? What prevents you from doing it?

    5. Have you ever thought that you were finished with a collision, only to discover a whole new and different level that must be addressed?

    6. When have you felt successful in doing this kind of work?

    7. Create a prayer or affirmation that will generate the desire that you need to draw for the these kinds of experiences and sustain and maintain your energy through to the end.

Be a hero for your soul! Get yourself ready to take on those subconscious issues that keep you stuck in patterns within the opposites of the third dimension! You are always supported in this important work!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth