Beloved Soul in Evolution,

As you move forward on this journey of self-discovery, new vibrations and energies are coming in to support you. In this week’s video, I address sensations that you may experience during meditation (found in your Spiritual Power Tools book!). Now that you have firmly established your meditation time, it is important to understand what can happen when you meditate.

Sensations during or after meditation might possibly happen to you, but there is no reason to feel frightened or dismayed by them. Meditation is more than just a relaxation exercise, as you probably already know by now! There is a lot more going on, and this information will help you as your meditation deepens, so that you can feel more comfortable if you have any of these sensations.

And, if you don’t feel anything whatsoever when you meditate, it doesn’t matter! You are still receiving what you need, so keep your meditation commitment!

There is a definite process going on as you meditate. Use this lesson to guide you as you begin to open up to more of your spiritual potential.

Watch this week’s video, then write your responses to the questions below as you spend this week exploring your meditation experience more deeply:

1) Which of the sensations mentioned in the video have you experienced? When have you felt uncomfortable or unsure because of them? How have you reacted when they happened? Here are some ideas that can start you thinking about this:

a) When have you felt an energy, a tingling, an itching, a feeling of pressure or a cool feeling on your head or forehead or around your eyes? Do you have thoughts about why or how that might have to do with the opening up of your intuition?

b) Have you ever heard an audible voice, a visible light, or colors during meditation? If so, what happened? How were you with that?

c) What about a spatial feeling of expansiveness, of being beyond your body or a floaty feeling of being above it? If you have felt that, how was it for you?

d) Have you felt difficulty in thinking, disorientation, or blankness during meditation? Did you ever experienced a feeling of being downloaded from the Universal source or a sense of being rewired?

2) Have you found that you have become more intuitive as a result of meditation? What specific experiences would you like to share?

3) Have you discovered that some of your experiences of sensations during meditation spill over into your everyday life and consciousness, even when you are not sitting in formal meditation?

4) Has meditation ever brought about a feeling of “the peace that passes understanding”?

You have my love, energy and support as you bring importance to your own spiritual awakening!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth