Beloved Soul in Evolution,

How was your exploration of the subconscious this past week? Did you have a personal experience of your own subconscious mind,or notice how it operates in your life? Even though your subconscious “iceberg” may seem daunting, there is a process that is involved which, when you are aware of it, can help you move along more efficiently.

The process goes like this: A piece of your iceberg–subconscious information–is released and brought to your conscious mind. You become aware of this information by observing your reactions to others and situations. When you notice yourself reacting, journaling is the next helpful step to pull forth information that has been previously hidden in your subconscious mind.

The next step, forgiveness, is an important part of your soul evolution, and a powerful force for freedom in your relationships. Forgiveness in the midst of difficult relationships can help you not only free past karmic entanglements with another soul in evolution, but also help you better understand and forgive yourself for issues you’ve brought into this life from previous lives.

Forgiveness erases karma. It is worth the effort it takes to do it, so you can become more conscious of your soul, your Infinite Self.

View this week’s video, then journal your responses to the following questions:

1) How are you viewing your life differently now that you better understand the powerful influence of your subconscious mind?

2) How is journaling helping you uncover information from your subconscious mind?

3) Is there a current situation or relationship that you are using to practice these tools? What insights into that relationship have you gained?

4) When has forgiveness helped free you in a relationship? What result eventually came from your willingness to forgive?

5) What do you do when it’s hard for you to forgive?

6) How does your Observer Self help you uncover subconscious pieces of information? How does it help you to forgive?

I hope you take the time to go deeper with this week’s video and these questions. They are designed to help you assimilate a new understanding of this process of melting that subconscious iceberg!

Remember that there are many tools to support you! And I am always supporting every effort you make!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth