Beloved Soul in Evolution,

How is your new year going? This week’s video is a great reminder for the new year that your happiness comes from within you!

Most people think that their happiness exists in some acquirement, person or situation in the world. But the truth of your being is that everything you need is within you! As you awaken, you realize that people, things and situations come into your life to support you or challenge you–which also supports you.

As you have discovered, developing your intuition is so important on this journey up the spiritual mountain! Your intuition can see beyond what is happening in the third dimensional world. It can guide you through pieces of karma without creating new karma for you. It knows what is coming around the corner and what is yours to do. But you have to develop that intuitive connection, and you have to listen to it!

Just as there is a cost for the worldly things that can be desired, there is a cost for spiritual advancement: Your time, commitment, courage and desire. Your effort is the only thing that can buy your awakening!

This is why we all are here: to realize our oneness with the Infinite. The effort begins this moment. Your true happiness, joy, peace of mind, contentment are all within you!

Watch this week’s video, then journal your responses to the following questions.

1) When have you experienced your happiness more from the outside, third dimensional world? How is your life perspective different now?

2) How has your intuition helped untangle you from a karmic situation? Write about a time when you might have been tripped up if you had not listened to your inner guidance.

3) Do you experience your intuition as a “third eye”? How does that show up for you?

4) What makes you happy?

5) If you were supporting your big “I” instead of your little “i”, what in your life would be different?

6) What are you doing currently to detach from from third dimensional desires, and put that energy into your fourth dimensional process?

You are a spiritual mountain-climber! And you have my love and support throughout the climb!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth