Beloved Soul in Evolution,

At every step along the journey, you are learning to master mind to a greater and greater extent. It is not an easy job to do, as you may already know! It takes courage and persistence to listen and be the Observer of your mind.

To have that moment of clarity is worth the effort you are putting into stilling your mind. Your ego will naturally “go crazy” with your efforts–jumping from one thought to another and back again. And the more persistent you are with stilling your mind, the pushier the ego gets. It does not want to be abandoned; but your job is to abandon it.

You will have to stand up to your mind and ego self over and over again on this journey. You will battle your old thoughtforms that want to remain intact. And, the ease of life will come with your efforts! New understandings, new support, higher ideas, a new expression of your God Self will belong to you.

Watch this week’s video and journal your responses to the following questions:

1) Have you ever felt worried or a feeling of abandonment when practicing stilling your mind? If not, what thoughts or feelings do you have when thinking about stilling your mind?

2) What helps you still your mind?

3) How does your ego fight getting still? How does it keep you busy?

4) How you stand up to your ego?

5) How do you stand up for yourself? How do you encourage yourself?

6) What relief, support,or value can you anticipate as you work towards stilling your mind?

Work with these concepts this week and see how much more tuned in you are to your Higher Self!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth