Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Have you ever asked yourself, “How do I support my soul, and where do I get the strength to do this work?”

As you are working with your spiritual commitment for Lent, this week’s video will give you a boost of energy and encouragement!

As you support your I AM presence within you daily, you achieve little accomplishments, little awakenings, which then lead to bigger and bigger revelations, understandings, and higher awareness.

When you know that you are below the “5” on the Spiritual Thermometer, that is the moment to say to yourself, “I may be tired, but I am not going to let that ego pull me back into old patterns!”

Keep in mind why you are doing this work: To free yourself from the opposites, to become the Lover of lovers, to know your whole self in the Infinite.

Take this week’s video into your heart today and any day your strength and commitment need a boost. The energy will jump-start you and support you through any challenge or lull that you face.

1) How do you help energize your spiritual strength and desire when you feel discouraged or overwhelmed?

2) Have you ever felt “under the thumb” of the spiritual journey? How did you free yourself from that place?

3) How are you currently using your will to back up your spiritual work?

4) What does it mean to “be a magnet for others’ good”?

5) How are you actively being that magnet in your daily activity?

6) When do you experience being “breathed” by your I AM presence?

Become the Lover of lovers! You are one with Infinite Love and Intelligence.

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth