Beloved Soul in Evolution,

As you continue with your Lent commitment, continue to also reflect on the necessity of meditation on your spiritual journey to awakening.

Meditation is one of the most important practices on your spiritual journey. It connects you with your Higher Self, helps you practice stilling your mind, strengthens your Observer Self, and creates the space for your intuition to “download” information and possibilities into your consciousness.

Your intuition is how you begin to understand your whole self and your spiritual work, both clearing out your “insides” as well as taking care of your outer, everyday responsibilities. It gives you the insights you need to make right decisions in support of your soul’s evolution, as well as decisions that are for the highest good of all those around you.

Watch this week’s video, then journal your responses to the questions below:

1) How does meditation hone your intuition?

2) When was a time you relied on your intuition to walk you through a difficult situation?

3) In what ways do you count on your intuition to help you with your everyday, third dimensional duties?

4) What helps you to “let the day go” so you can go deeper in your meditation time?

5) How does meditation help you experience your oneness with all life?

6) Do you have a sacred place within you where you “go” during meditation? Describe it.

Meditation is your spiritual muscle that strengthens your ability to receive and interpret your intuition. You are supported before, during, and after your daily meditation time. Join me in this video meditation, and keep listening within throughout the week!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth