Beloved Soul in Evolution,

It is important to understand the karmic process as part of your evolutionary process. You are on a karmic wheel that moves you through lifetime after lifetime, providing opportunities to fulfill desires and neutralize karmic debt.

In other lifetimes, you have created desires and debt that are playing out in this lifetime. The Karmic Wheel, as shown in the video for this lesson, shows how the cycle of desires and debts keeps the wheel spinning around and around, keeping you in bondage.

The play that you are in this lifetime has a lot of positive in it, as well as debts to consider. Even what may seem like “negative karma” can be turned into a positive as you cooperate with what needs to be done with it. Your “positive karma” can be used to continue to support you in getting off of the wheel. Everything can be used for your soul’s awakening.

The way to get off the Karmic Wheel is to have a firm commitment to do it. You have to desire it, and you are responsible for getting yourself off of that wheel.

Watch this week’s video, then journal your responses to the following questions:

1. When did you first have an understanding of how karma operates? How did that change how you looked at your life?

2. How do you experience your desire to get off the karmic wheel?

3. How do you handle “negative karma” when it appears in your life?

4. What is your understanding of soul involution as a somewhat different process from soul evolution?

5. What does the “Karmic Wheel” picture, shown in the video, mean to you?

6. Write about a karmic situation that you are currently working on. How are you actively cooperating with this process?

You have my support always!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth