Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Living from your Higher Self, and breaking free from your lower self is what you are striving to accomplish right now. That below-the-five (on the Spiritual Thermometer) ego self doesn’t want to do anything that supports its own demise and your soul’s triumph.

But, the soul is who you are; it is your next step in your evolution. Remember that you can use the Spiritual Thermometer to expose where you are in consciousness. If you are below a five, do what it takes to get yourself above that five so that you can work in the best interest of your soul!

There is a wall that you have built up over lifetimes, having been disappointed in some long ago life (or many!). Lifetimes have been spent trying to find satisfaction in the third dimensional world, but to no avail! That wall won’t let anyone in–which means it has also been keeping out your Infinite Beingness! What a boring cycle to repeat!

Our conscious soul evolution is about allowing your Soul/Higher Self, your In-Body and Out-of-Body Teachers–to take down the wall so you can experience Real Love. You have to summon your courage, will, desire and strength to cooperate with your unique blueprint for awakening.

Watch this week’s video, then journal your responses to the questions below:

1. How often do fearful thoughts arise for you? What are they trying to get you to pay attention to?

2. What do you do to overcome fear?

3. What situation(s) might cause you to be more in your little “i” than your big “I”?

4. What are you working on right now that is helping you love more from your Higher Self than from your personality?

5. What else stood out for you from this video discourse?

Use this week to work with the Spiritual Thermometer to help you be in that higher part of you more often than the lower. Let me know how it goes!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth