Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Karma is the great balancing system of the universe, cause and effect in action. This law has been created to support the evolution of consciousness; and therefore, plays an important part in the evolution of your soul.

Karma is created by experiences we’ve had in the opposites of the third dimension. Each life you live has been through a process of evaluation of past experiences and decisions for future ones. You then have the opportunity to change and evolve.

Now, you are ready and working toward knowing your whole self, which includes understanding and unraveling your own karma. Through that, you learn why you respond the way that you do, and how your past lives are affecting you today.

You are more than your karma, and must be the observer of your karma to be able to understand and, eventually, move beyond it.

Watch, then journal your responses to the questions below:

1. How are you aware of cause and effect in your daily life?

2. What’s the difference between simply “doing your karma” and unraveling it?

3. What are you doing today to unravel your own karma?

4. How are you working toward loving more?

5. What else stood out for you from the video lesson?

Understanding karma is a great support on the spiritual journey. Share your questions with me and I will address them. I love hearing from you and being able to support you with your spiritual efforts.

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth