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Explore “Jewels from Jane Elizabeth” with Us!

Weekly Sunday Course:

  • 8:00 AM Pacific
  • 9:00 AM Mountain
  • 10:00 AM Central
  • 11:00 AM Eastern

Welcome to Center for Enlightenment’s exploration of “Jewels from Jane Elizabeth”! Every Sunday is a free-flowing exploration of Jane Elizabeth Hart’s teachings on discovering the Truth of your Being.

Our Sunday classes will provide an open-ended overview of Center for Enlightenment teachings, with the weekday Question and Answer Support Group sessions allowing you to go into greater depth with others sharing the journey.

Feel free to journal the questions provided for each lesson, and then watch the accompanying videos to immerse yourself in the essential and practical actions that Jane Elizabeth Hart presents within this course.
You will discover exciting new ways to create measurable changes in your thoughts, attitudes, and decisions; and unveil the hidden knowledge contained within your soul. Enjoy your journey!

Thursday Q&A Support Group

  • 4:00 PM Pacific
  • 5:00 PM Mountain
  • 6:00 PM Central
  • 7:00 PM Eastern

Join Certified Center for Enlightenment Teachers in this follow up from Center for Enlightenment’s Sunday Course. Bring your questions and curiosity as you explore and apply these powerful teachings to your own life. 

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