Going Deeper – Dealing with Change

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Changes arise every day to help make you stronger, moving you out of old patterns that have kept you stuck. You develop important spiritual skills that continue to support you on the awakening of your consciousness. Embrace the changes–and the emotional pain that sometimes comes with them–and use it to move […]

Going Deeper: Spiritual Thermometer, Emotions, and Karma‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, I am excited to share this week’s video with you about the Spiritual Thermometer because it was one of my most valuable supports early on in my journey. It is still a valuable tool that I use when working with others. The Spiritual Thermometer is a tool to help identify emotional […]

Going Deeper: Cleaning Your House of Consciousness‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How is your spiritual journey going? How are you encouraging yourself each day? These weekly messages are meant to inspire you and give you the opportunity to take your spiritual process to the next level of commitment and exploration. You have had so many lifetimes, and all those experiences affected where […]

Going Deeper: Understanding Your Emotional Patterns

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Since you have been practicing observing yourself, you have probably noticed times when you have reacted to others or situations from your emotions. It is your assignment on this journey to take responsibility for your emotional reactions and how they affect you and others around you. It helps to realize that […]

Working with the Easter Energy (Dissolving Emotional Pain)

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How are you managing yourself and all that is being brought to your attention by the Easter Energy that came in a week and a half ago? It’s here to move you, and moving you means bringing unresolved emotion to the surface for you to resolve within yourself! In this week’s […]