The “Aftermath” of Easter — What Will You Do with that Energy?

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Welcome to the aftermath of Easter! The energy blast came in–what are you going to do with that energy? In this week’s video, I am sharing with you information about energy and how it comes in to support your soul’s evolution. Energy is a spiritual commodity that you can use for […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is the time of year to be grateful for all of our blessings! It is also time to celebrate the new energy that is coming in to support our end-of-the year soul movement! I share this week’s very short video in gratitude for your interest in your soul’s […]

Easter Energy Is Here!

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Happy Easter! We’ve been waiting for forty days for this day to come and Easter is finally here with its new energy, its new vibration, and a new opportunity to expand our consciousness. I am so excited because we are changing; we are vibrating at a new level. Our consciousness is […]

Jesus’ Evolution into Christ Consciousness

Beloved Soul in Evolution, On this Palm Sunday, I felt it was important to address Jesus’ evolution into Christ consciousness. You see, Jesus had an evolution just as you and I have an evolution. For Jesus to evolve, he needed the desire to walk into the light. Do you have the desire to walk into […]

Lent and the Soul Evolutionist

Beloved Soul in Evolution, These next forty days are a very important forty days, from now until Easter. This is the time Jesus left his group and went up into the mountains. He spent these forty days in prayer and meditation to prepare himself for his mission. It was during this period he moved into […]