Going Deeper: Quieting the Mind

Beloved Soul in Evolution, In this week’s video, you have the opportunmity to continue focusing on meditation, and specifically, quieting your mind–an important practice not only during your meditation time, but throughout the day. When I began meditating, my first realization was that I had to learn to control my mind. I had to consciously […]

The Importance of Meditation

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How are you doing exploring and working with your inner voice? In this week’s video and journaling questions, I share with you more about how necessary meditation is for your spiritual awakening. The story of your spiritual journey is the story of the evolution of your soul. Only when you make […]

Meditation in Support of Your Soul

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As you know so well, meditation is an important part in the evolution of your soul. Now that you have examined your desire for spiritual awakening, made an inner commitment to back up that desire, and engaged your active observer of self, it is time to delve deeply into the one […]

Using the Spiritual Thermometer

How are you doing stilling your mind? Since we have been revisiting this topic, I am sharing this week’s video about the Spiritual Thermometer. As you observe your thinking, you can see that your thoughts are happy one minute, unhappy the next, neutral the next, and so forth. The Spiritual Thermometer helps you detach from […]

Moving from the Third Dimension into the Fourth Dimension

Beloved Soul in Evolution, April continues our celebration of the ten year anniversary of Spiritual Power Tools! I hope you have been keeping up with this series on this powerful little book. I’ve been sharing with you deeper meanings within these chapters. This book is my life and is filled with God Essence. In this […]