Going Deeper – Walking the Karmic Tightrope

Beloved Soul in Evolution, We are continuing to uncover the “mystery” of karma–which is really not a mystery, but a logical and fair movement of energy, intricately designed for your soul’s evolution, and involution. Every person has their own unique karmic tightrope to walk. As you learn to unravel your karma, you become more aware […]

Going Deeper: The Path to God Realization

Beloved Soul in Evolution, When was the last time you contemplated your soul’s entire evolutionary process? Your piece of consciousness has gone through many, many stages of consciousness, expanding in awareness and third dimensional expression exponentially at each step on your journey. Throughout your evolutionary journey, you have been gaining impressions, thoughtforms, along the way. […]

Going Deeper: Cleaning Your House of Consciousness‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How is your spiritual journey going? How are you encouraging yourself each day? These weekly messages are meant to inspire you and give you the opportunity to take your spiritual process to the next level of commitment and exploration. You have had so many lifetimes, and all those experiences affected where […]

Make a Commitment to Your Soul for Lent

The 40 days of Lent has begun. The time has come to make a commitment to your soul.   The moment you choose to take responsibility for your soul’s progress, a new vibration and energy will flow into your life. This is a profound decision that will re-prioritize and restructure everything in your world.   […]