Releasing the Year — Step Two: Good Times

Beloved Soul in Evolution, We continue to prepare for the New Year this week by doing what is ours to do: Releasing 2014 and taking responsibility to move in consciousness. In this week’s video, I address the Good Times in Step 2, taking it to a whole new level of understanding for you. Can you […]

Time to Release the Year! Step One: Gratitude

Beloved Soul in Evolution, I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with love. We are now moving through the end of 2014, and ready to clear the way for the new year, 2015! If you have been with me for a while, then you know every year I walk you through the Seven Steps for Moving […]

Uncover Universal Energy

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As the seasons change around me, I am reminded of the Universal Plan for all souls moving forward in their evolutionary process. In the video I chose for this week, I discuss the evolutionary process and how you fit into it. I remember when I first discovered that not only was […]

Evolution of the Soul

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How is your daily spiritual practice going? Are you remembering to use your Observer Self throughout the day? Are you committing to your daily meditation practice, even if it feels like nothing is happening? Know that your efforts are always moving you forward, even if it is in ways you may […]

Detaching from Emotional Reactions

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How is your Observer Self supporting you? Are you remembering to be the Observer of your actions, the Observer of your thoughts? This is an important tool that belongs to you and helps you master the emotions that will come up on this journey. The more you use it, the stronger […]