Exploring the Self Study Lessons

Commitment Backs Your True Desire

Course Recording, Reflections, and Further Support

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For You to Ponder on Your Spiritual Journey this Week:

  1. What three ideas stood out to you from Sunday’s course?
  2. How are you applying those new insights to your daily life experiences this week?

Key Points from Sunday’s Course:

  1. Commitment means using your will to back up your spiritual desire.
  2. It takes commitment–a powerful will, your internal “horsepower”–to see through the fulfillment of your deepest desire.

Actions to Take to Go Deeper:

Journal your thoughts on these questions this week:

  1. What spiritual commitment have you made to your Self, and how are you supporting that commitment?
  2. What behavior or activity could you give up that will help you focus on your spiritual commitment?
  3. What resistance or fears have surfaced since you made that commitment? (Remember, resistance is a given–use it to strengthen your commitment and find greater love for your Self!)
  4. Each day, open your Spiritual Power Tools book and read the page you opened to. How does that reading support your spiritual commitment for that particular day?

Bring your thoughts, experiences, and questions to one of the Q&A Support Groups this week.

Further Resources on this week’s topic:


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